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What is laser surface profile preparation?

Laser surface profiling uses intense thermal laser beam energy to produce a wide variety of surfaces such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum, and other highly reflective metals commonly used in manufacturing.

Laser surface profile preparation depends on many process parameters such as: Laser power, focal length, spot size, substrate density, and material type. Choosing the right combination of process parameters for an efficient result.

Types of laser machining of surface profile preparation:

Surface roughening

Surface conditioning

Surface finishing

Advantages of laser cleaning for Surface Profile Preparation:

◉ Prepare the Surface

◉ Better Adhesion & Bonding

Extends the lifespan of the bond

Improves Quality of bonded area

◉ Removes Oxidation

◉ Removes Paints

◉ Removes Contamination

◉ No damages to base materials

◉ Quick set up, Friendly User

◉ Portable & Easy to Transport

◉ No Specialized Operator

◉ Handheld, Robotics & automated

◉ Cost Effective 

◉ No Chemicals, No Consumables

◉ Labor Saving

◉ Eco-Friendly

◉ Clean Hard to reach area 

No need to disassemble your parts

◉ Tailored to your application

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