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laser rust removal


GreenBlast™ Laser Cleaning Machines


◉ Industrial Laser Surface Cleaning Machine 

◉ Sales & Services To: CANADA-USA-EMEA 

◉ Committed to Strict Q&C

◉ Energy Efficient & Green Tech

◉ Available in a Variety of Sizes & Powers

◉ Laser Rust Removal machine

◉ Laser Paint Stripping Machine 

◉ Metal Welding Residue Removal 

◉ Rubber, Tire, Plastic Mold Cleaning

◉ Surface Prep With No materials Damage

◉ Our Laser Machine 4X Faster 

Not sure which system is right for you?
Our Sales Engineers at Your Service, Inquire Today 

Contact us today or call +1 438-940-5020

Laser cleaning and rust removal services



Founded by two laser and photonics experts, ALFA LASER GreenBlast™ Inc. is a Canadian Corporation for industrial laser cleaning systems. Laser cleaning has proven to be the most environmentally friendly of all cleaning techniques.

Enthusiastic about taking care of our customers. From large companies to small businesses, we can help.

We provide a complete solution to accelerate the adoption of this innovative technology. From all the PPE you need, fume extraction, consulting, onsite training, rust-removing laser, automated pairing, priority technical support, parameter development, and of course laser cleaning systems.

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