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Repair & Customer Service

Quick and Skilled: ALFA LASER skilled technical team is your reliable partner for support and maintenance

With a committed staff of service and technical support engineers, Alfa Laser offers global customer assistance starting as soon as the laser is delivered. We pledge to behave honorably and responsibly, as well as to provide you with our undivided attention. To guarantee optimal system operation, Alfa Laser provides comprehensive client training and support, which includes:

  • Training in the factory and on-site operators

  • Specialized customer service engineers & advanced customer training

  • System setup at its best

  • Incoming Client Assistance

  • Enhanced application compatibility

  • Alerts Regarding System Updates

  • Ability to diagnose remotely

  • Prompt Technical Assistance

Spare Parts

Alfa Laser has all the replacement parts for the devices we sell We also offer laser safety equipment such as eyewear and barriers.

Maintenance and Fixes

Whether a product is under warranty or not, Alfa Laser provides comprehensive maintenance and repairs for all of them. Please fill out the form below if your laser equipment needs servicing or repairs. One of our service professionals will get in touch with you to discuss your options and provide instructions.

Require Repair and Customer Service?
Do get in touch with us!

Out-of-Warranty Repair Rates

Diagnostic: $ 150.00 Flat Fee

Labor: $250.00 per Hour

Internet based support, repair, upgrade: $250.00 per Hour

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you soon.

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