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Hygiene is very important for the food industry. Food must be processed in a very clean environment, following very strict regulations.

In order to meet these regulations, molds must be cleaned in an environmentally friendly manner. Sandblasting and the use of chemical solvents are taboo. Laser cleaning is a great solution as it is clean and very easy to integrate in-line.

Baking pans come in all shapes, sizes and textures. They are exposed to extreme temperatures and are often covered in a thick, sticky residue during use. Polishing methods can damage the surface material of the mold and degrade the final product. Laser ablation is a better alternative when abrasives are ineffective or not suitable for cleaning.

Can clean flat and rough surfaces, but works best on products made of:

◉ Steel

◉ Aluminum

◉ Cast Iron.

◉ Chrome plated metal

◉ Ceramic

Advantages of laser cleaning for Food / Baking mold:

◉ Removes contamination

◉ No damages to base materials

◉ Quick set up, Friendly User

◉ Portable & Easy to Transport

◉ No Specialized Operator

◉ Handheld, Robotics & automated

◉ Cost Effective 

◉ No Chemicals, No Consumables

◉ Labor Saving

◉ Eco-Friendly

◉ Clean Hard to reach area 

No need to disassemble your mold

◉ Do not disassemble your conveyor

◉ Do not disassemble your tanks

◉ Tailored to your application

Contact us today or call +1 438-940-5020 to find the right laser cleaning solution for you.

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