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Industrial laser cleaning systems are best known for their rust removal capabilities. Applications are found in a variety of areas, including process, manufacturing, and heavy industry.

Alfa laser system can be used to de-rust or deoxidize machines or materials.

Some of the main advantages of laser cleaning as a rust removal method are that it is chemical-free, does not damage the substrate.

Oxidation occurs when atmospheric and environmental conditions interact with metal surfaces, causing the metal to corrode or rust. This greatly affects the life and performance of parts and equipment. Traditional methods of rust removal and corrosion prevention require blasting and lots of protective gear, but laser cleaning offers a better method.

Laser cleaning provides a safe and fast way to remove rust from all types of metal. Completely removes bare metal corrosion without altering the integrity of the metal. In addition, there is no need to dispose any hazardous waste.

It can be cleaned quickly and safely without the use of corrosive media or chemicals with quick & friendly user set-up.

How Laser Rust Removal Works:

Laser cleaning / Laser ablation uses focused pulses nanosecond of laser light to remove contamination from products such as Molds, Auto parts, Welding Residues & Joints and many hundreds of applications to remove substances. Unlike other cleaning and weld preparation alternatives, laser ablation does not damage the base material. Provides precision cleaning without additional cleaning or excess waste generation.

Advantages of laser rust removal:

◉ Removes Oxidation

◉ Removes Contamination

◉ No damages to base materials

◉ Quick set up, Friendly User

◉ Portable & Easy to Transport

◉ No Specialized Operator

◉ Handheld, Robotics & automated

◉ Cost Effective 

◉ No Chemicals, No Consumables

◉ Labor Saving

◉ Eco-Friendly

◉ Clean Hard to reach area 

No need to disassemble your parts

◉ Tailored to your application

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