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In many cases, it is not necessary to clean the entire surface, only specific areas of this surface. Imagine if you only wanted to remove rust from a particular spot on a weld, or just clean the rivets on the body of a Vessel. This is where spot repair comes in, and the 2D scanner in our laser system's optics can create circles on the fly, speeding up the whole process significantly.

Need a clean surface to apply glue or do spot welds? An ALFA laser cleaner can be a very good solution to your problem!

Advantages of laser cleaning for spot repair:

◉ Removes Oxidation

◉ Removes Paints

◉ Removes Contamination

◉ No damages to base materials

◉ Quick set up, Friendly User

◉ Portable & Easy to Transport

◉ No Specialized Operator

◉ Handheld, Robotics & automated

◉ Cost Effective 

◉ No Chemicals, No Consumables

◉ Labor Saving

◉ Eco-Friendly

◉ Clean Hard to reach area 

◉ Tailored to your application

Contact us today or call +1 438-940-5020 to find the right laser cleaning solution for you.

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