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The Stainless proper weld preparation is an essential for a good bonding.

Alfa Laser Stainless Steel remove the chromium oxide and the laser cleaning application was very effective to remove all residues on welded part.

The high speed of processing makes laser cleaning a very effective solution for preparing and cleaning Stainless Steel welds.

Advantages of laser cleaning for Stainless Steel PRE / POST Welding:

◉ Removes Weld Residues 

◉ Pre Weld Preparation

◉ Better Adhesion & Bonding

Extends the lifespan of the bond

Improves Quality of bonded area

◉ Removes Oxidation

◉ Removes Paints

◉ Removes Contamination

◉ No damages to base materials

◉ Quick set up, Friendly User

◉ Portable & Easy to Transport

◉ No Specialized Operator

◉ Handheld, Robotics & automated

◉ Cost Effective 

◉ No Chemicals, No Consumables

◉ Labor Saving

◉ Eco-Friendly

◉ Clean Hard to reach area 

No need to disassemble your parts

◉ Tailored to your application

Contact us today or call +1 438-940-5020 to find the right laser cleaning solution for you.

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