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Mold and Platen Cleaning by Laser

Contamination is a critical defect in plastic injection molding that occurs when foreign substances infiltrate the mold cavity and compromise the part quality. The source and type of the foreign substances determine the cause and solution of the contamination. Some frequent causes are:

  • Oil or grease leakage from the machine or mold

  • Dust or particles entry from an exposed or unclean hopper

  • Excessive lubricant or mold release spray application that impairs bonding

  • Excessive or incompatible recycled materials usage that disrupts blending

  • Insufficient injection temperature, pressure, or speed that results in inadequate plasticization or premature curing

Why ALFA LASER Cleaning Machines

Alfa laser cleaning is the optimal way to maintain the quality and performance of injection molding machines. It can eliminate contaminants such as oil, grease, dust, and rust from the mold cavity and platens without causing any abrasion or deformation. It can also enhance the bonding and adhesion of the material to the mold surface.

Magnetic Platens:

We understand that magnetic platens are a rapid mold change system that uses magnetic force to secure the mold to the machine. They can reduce the setup time, energy consumption, and noise level of the injection molding process. However, they also require periodic cleaning to prevent any interference with the magnetic field or any damage to the mold or the machine. Other platens require cleaning as well.

Benefits of ALFA LASER Cleaning for Plastic Injection Mold and Platens :

  • Precise and selective: it only targets the unwanted layer and preserves the underlying material

  • Eco-friendly: it does not involve any chemicals or generate any waste

  • Fast and convenient: it can be performed on the spot without removing the mold from the machine

  • Quality-enhancing: it removes contaminants, such as rust, grease, oxide layers, oil, or paint, that can affect the mold

  • Cost-saving: it extends the mold’s lifespan and prevents corrosion


These are some of the benefits of ALFA LASER cleaning for plastic injection mold and platens. To learn more about laser cleaning or ALFA LASER, please call our industrial laser specialist or send your request through our website . We hope this was helpful.

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