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GreenBlast™️ ALFA-Automated Rust & Paint Removal with Enclosure

The GreenBlast™ ALFA-Automated Rust & Paint Removal with Enclosure Cleaning is a laser system that promises powerful, fast, accurate, and incredibly productive industrial-grade laser cleaning.


Maximize your employee’s potential and let our Automated/Customized Laser Cleaning System do the critical and repetitive tasks. Shape tomorrow's work by training your workforce with the latest technology.


We offer Automated and Customized Solutions as a complete safe laser cleaning solution.



ALFA-Automated LASER Features & Benefits:


Safe, Flexible, Precise & Easy to Implement

No Damage to the Substrate

Safe Cleaning Application for the Materials

Green Technology & Environment Friendly

Economic: No Consumables & Labor Saving

Fully Automated

Sleek Design & Rugged Performance

Convenient Operation & Portable Design

Easy to adapt to different complex working environments

Maintenance Free: Low Operation Cost

Touch screens: pre-designed patterns

Portable design is based on years of experience

Custom designs are available, depending on the application



ALFA Automated LASER Packages Includes:


Two Types of Safety Training

Onsite operator training by our engineering team

Optimal Automation & Machine Configuration

Designated Field Service Engineer

Inbound Customer Support

Enhanced Application Support

System Upgrade Notifications

Remote Diagnostics

Direct Technical Support

360 Risk Assessment

GreenBlast™️ ALFA-Automated Rust & Paint Removal with Enclosure

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