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GreenBlast™ ALFA-200-PL-A

The GreenBlast™ handheld ALFA-200-PL-A is an air-cooled pulsed laser system that promises powerful, fast, accurate, and incredibly productive industrial-grade laser cleaner machine.

The ultra-compact body is designed as a professional laser cleaning and surface preparation system for areas requiring delicate cleaning, paint stripping, and other surface preparation operations.


* Laser Scan Head with integrated quick release is interchangeable to meet customer needs and can be easily mounted on any production line or robotic arm.



ALFA LASER Features and Benefits:


 No Damage to the Substrate

Safe Cleaning Application for the Materials

Green Technology & Environment Friendly

Economic: No Consumables & Labor Saving

Ability to Automation & Robotics

Sleek Design & Rugged Performance

 Convenient Operation & Portable Design

 Easy to adapt to different complex working environments

 Maintenance Free: Low Operation Cost

 Touch screens offer five pre-designed cleaning patterns

 Industrial design is based on years of experience

◉ Custom designs are available, depending on the application



ALFA LASER Packages Includes: 


Two Types of Safety Training

Onsite operator training by our engineering team

Optimal Machine Configuration

Designated Field Service Engineer

Inbound Customer Support

Enhanced Application Support

System Upgrade Notifications

Remote Diagnostics

Direct Technical Support

360 Risk Assessment

GreenBlast™ ALFA-200-PL-A

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