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Mill Scale Removal

Mill scale is a layer of iron oxide that forms on the surface of hot rolled steel. It can affect the quality and performance of coatings, welds, and adhesives. Therefore, it is important to remove it before applying any surface treatment.

Mill scale (also called scale) is the flaky surface that forms on hot-rolled steel. Its composition includes FeO (iron(II) oxide), Fe2O3 (iron(III) oxide), and Fe3O4 (iron(II,III) oxide). You will find mill scaling on steel sheets, plates, and profiles

There are different methods for removing mill scale, such as blasting, grinding, chemical cleaning, and laser cleaning. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the application, cost, efficiency, and environmental impact.

Blasting : is a common method that uses abrasive media, such as sand, grit, or steel shot, to remove mill scale by impact. It is fast and effective, but it can also damage the substrate, create dust and noise pollution, and require disposal of the waste material.

Grinding : is another method that uses abrasive tools, such as discs, wheels, or belts, to remove mill scale by friction. It is more precise and controlled than blasting, but it can also generate heat, sparks, and dust, and consume a lot of energy and time. Grinding is suitable for small-scale projects.

Chemical : is a method that uses acids, such as hydrochloric, sulfuric, or phosphoric, to dissolve mill scale by reaction. It is effective and economical, but it can also cause corrosion, environmental hazards, and health risks. Chemical cleaning requires proper handling, storage, and disposal of the chemicals, and protection of the workers and the surroundings. Chemical cleaning is suitable for complex shapes and hard-to-reach areas.

Laser cleaning : is a new and innovative method that uses laser beams to remove mill scale by vaporization. It is clean, safe, and environmentally friendly, as it does not produce any secondary waste, noise, or emissions. It can also preserve the substrate, improve the adhesion, and create surface textures and suitable for complex shapes and hard-to-reach areas.

Sandblasting, Grinding, Chemical Alternative is: The GreenBlast™

The GreenBlast is a powerful, hand-held laser blasting machine that:

  • Easily and effectively removes corrosion, mill scale and coatings

  • Generates an anchor profile from 1 mils up to 4.7 mils

  • Creates a surface cleanliness equivalent to [ Nace No.1 ] [ SSPC-SP 5, white metal blast cleaning ] [ ISO Sa 3 ]

  • Is environmentally friendly. Alfa Laser Cleaning Machine Blasting does not use or produce hazardous materials

  • Doesn’t require an expensive or timely clean up after operation

Laser cleaning is suitable for high-quality and high-value applications, such Industries:

  • Automotive Solutions & Autoparts

  • Process & Production

  • Military & Defense

  • Shipbuilding & Ship Repair

  • Aerospace & Air Transport

  • Steel & Metal Manufacturing

  • Building Restoration & Conservation

  • Oil & Gas Industries

  • Finishing Plants

  • Construction

  • Hydro Power

  • Infrastructure

  • MRO

  • Mining

  • Marine

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Remanufacturing

  • Aluminium Manufacturing

  • Stainless Steel Manufacturing

  • Transportation & Mobility

  • Energy

  • Railway

  • Cleaning Services

GreenBlast Laser Cleaning machine is a product of Alfa Laser, a Canadian Manufacturer that specializes in laser cleaning solutions. It is a portable and versatile device that can remove mill scale from steel structures using a fiber laser source. It has a user-friendly interface, a flexible arm, and a fume extraction system. It can operate in different modes, such as continuous, pulse and adjust the power, frequency, and speed according to the application. Alfa Laser Cleaning machine is a reliable and efficient tool for mill scale removal.


A novel method for metal surface preparation to remove mill scale, rust & residues for the production and finishing of metal surfaces is the Laser Cleaning through ALFA LASER machines.

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